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Superhero Mathematics

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KS4 Physics / Matter / Physical Changes / conservation of material and of mass.
KS4 Physics / Matter / Physical Changes / similarities and differences, including density differences, between solids, liquids and gases.
KS3 Maths / Number / use standard units of mass, length, time, money and other measures, including with decimal quantities
KS3 Maths / Ratio, proportion and rates if change / use ratio notation, including reduction to simplest form
KS4 Maths / Number / calculate with roots

In many superhero stories there are examples of characters changing size due to different events. When Bruce Banner transforms into The Hulk he is taller and wider and when Scott Lang put on the Ant-man suit he shrinks to the size of an insect. But what happens to their mass?

Under the principle of the conservation of mass, the total mass of a system must remain constant. So, when these characters get larger or smaller their mass shouldn’t change, but their density would.