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Virtual Lecture: Mars Sci-Fi with Professor Robert Walsh


Mars has been a huge inspiration for Science Fiction for centuries. On Saturday 21st November at 6pm, join one of our Authors; Professor Robert Walsh (the International Astronomical Union & University of Central Lancashire) alongside Sue Nelson (Space Journalist & Author) and Dr Elizabeth Stanway (University of Warwick) to explore the facts behind science fiction,… Read More »Virtual Lecture: Mars Sci-Fi with Professor Robert Walsh

The Jeremiah Horrocks Winter Lecture


Based on their new popular science book “Unmasked: The Science of Superheroes”, UCLan academics and authors Robert Walsh, Sarita Robinson and Nicky Danino will use ideas behind amazing superpowers to explore the rich, cutting-edge science that’s happening right here and now in our world. Together we will delve into the superhero psyche, pitch our wits… Read More »The Jeremiah Horrocks Winter Lecture