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Adam is a Senior Demonstrator in the School of Forensic Applied Sciences at the University of Central Lancashire. 

He teaches a range of subjects including crime scene examination, forensic testing and analysis.

In his spare time, he is an avid reader, loves solving puzzles (the harder the puzzle, the better the challenge!) and designing new puzzles.

Adam co-authors his chapter with Matt Dickinson, they examine how engineering can be used to make technology respond to human signals and some of the amazing real-world materials that you might see used by Captain America or Spider-Man!

Many superheroes use specially designed suits for protection in battle. Batman, Catwoman and Daredevil use relatively simple armour, with no use other than basic protection. Whereas other heroes, like Iron Man, have much more complex  suits that respond to commands and can complete amazing tasks. When Tony Stark builds his Iron Man suit, he designs and creates a connection or ‘interface’ between man and machine. So how does someone like Tony Stark get armour to respond to the human body?